• Devin Martinez

Microsoft Edge Browser :(

The new browser has been pushed to us all by now.

You may have seen it after a recent Windows update. Shortly after, your computer looks like it has adware on it. It is just the new web browser that you didn't want.

Microsoft made this decision for us all, and they have not given us any option to remove it either.

You cannot uninstall it. (There are still workarounds that people have found)

The new edge browser is based on the same rendering engine that Chrome uses, Chromium. This is great, considering that the older browser had many limitations.

You can change your "Default Apps" to open all .html links in your browser of choice, then just hide the Edge browser shortcuts.

It will be out of sight and out of mind.

Still yet, none of us are happy with being forced to use the new browser.

What are your thoughts? Do you love or hate it?

Thank you for reading,

Devin Martinez

ComputerTek Repair Services

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