Our Story

ComputerTek Repair Services was established in November of 2014. Devin, the founder, had worked at Lowe's Corporate offices for 4 years. He decided to take his business from home, where he helped friends and family, and find a retail location.

Devin found the perfect spot in Midtown Plaza. He spoke with Alvin Sturdivant, and chose the white building that had recently been refinished.

He began slowly, first with new signs for the building. New business cards, and some fancy new signage for his vehicles.

With a clientele amassed from working from home, and at Lowe's Corporate offices, he was able to meet operation costs. 

"Every month was an adventure in the beginning."

-Devin M.

ComputerTek evolved as the years passed, and the services Devin offered grew larger. Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, iPhones, and more.

Devin offered website creation and maintenance to businesses, where he tailored the experience to his clients. Now he manages many sites, and social media for each client.

3 years later, he hired his first contractor, Hudson Ball. Hudson has experience with computer hardware and software. 

Now ComputerTek Repair Services provides residential + commercial solutions to Wilkes County and surrounding areas.

"One of our business cards made it to Australia." - Devin

Devin was able to help that client over the phone. Devin loves to mention this to everyone.

Once Devin established a rapport with a new iPhone part vendor, iPhone repairs took off. He was able to supply parts with lifetime warranties, and keep more parts in stock for his clients.

ComputerTek Repair Services has now become Tech Bros, LLC as of September 2020.

Devin also partnered with local schools to provide high school students with one-on-one training for their senior projects. Students participate in soldering projects, making their own Ethernet cords, and learning about the hardware in a computer. This is all done through 15 hours of training.

UPDATE: Tech Bros, LLC has went mobile in our new truck.


The truck is fully equipped to handle all kinds of repairs.


We are capable of repairing many things in the same day.

Our team can help with iPhones, laptops, and desktops.

"Come by the shop anytime to ask questions about technology, or just chat about things going on in Wilkes." - Devin Martinez